So, a little about me.
I'm Moots.
22 years old. (2013)
Born in the sunny Northern of Malaysia.
Live in Kedah, a small city but it is still nice to live in.
I love to shop but hard to buy anything.
I'm picky in my selections.
Like to talk if I have something to say but very quite if I have nothing.
Like to spend rather than to save.
I'm an independent girl with a strong attitude.
Can't deny that I tend to be a spoiled daughter, sometimes.
I love photography, music, blogging & writing, travelling, and friendship.
Of course I hate to wake up at 6 a.m, hate classes, hate books and sort of good things like that.
Dream is my shadow, my inspiration. Because I believe everything begin with dream, effort and success.
Till then.

Lot of hugs and kisses.
Miss Moots